Join our team

We are always on the lookout for qualified, friendly, honest contractors to join our team. We offer flexible working opportunities and provide the necessary training to ensure you meet our standards and expectations.

Key qualities we look for in a clerk

Industry experience

Whether you are an experienced clerk or are new to the industry, are training platform is designed to support you in becoming a fully trained and confident clerk.

Honesty and reliability

Often, bookings arrive at short notice - we need organised and reliable clerks to ensure we can meet demand.


This can be flexible - we can discuss a schedule that suits your goals and availability. You will need to be able to carry out a minimum of 6 reports each week.

Understanding of English

The devil is in the detail. Our reports are extremely thorough, you will be required to describe items in a consistent and logical manner.

Our offer to you

The opportunity to work for one of London’s leading Inventory providers, we are an open and honest organisation; we only work with good people.

All bookings, typing and report processing is handled by our admin team

You will receive a percentage commission from each report, we average £40 per report, on a busy day you can be expected to complete four reports.

Independence, flexibility and a job that will keep you fit and healthy!

If you join as an inexperienced clerk you will be obliged to complete our in-house training program as well as the AIIC guidance programme.

If you join as an experienced clerk, following a review of your work we would advise completing our in house training program only. Prices and timeframes to be discussed upon joining.